Look Up Cell Phone Numbers in 5 Easy Steps

So you received a phone call but you don’t know where it came from. The source could be a pesky telemarketer, a prank caller, or even someone who is purposefully trying to rattle you. In the case that the phone calls you are receiving are indeed malicious, you may want to find out the address of the person behind the calls so you can report them to the police or find another way to stop them altogether. If you or someone in your family are experiencing a situation like this there are solutions. What are they?

There are a few things you can do that are free. One Who Called Me from This Phone Number? of the first things you can do, is a free Google search. Google searches are not very useful when you are trying to identify a specific person behind a call but it does often allow you to determine if the phone number is coming from a telemarketer or mass-phone call system. Often times, other people online experience the same phone calls from the same numbers. The white pages also have a reverse phone number tracking system that identifies people with landlines. Unfortunately, cell phones are not covered by these companies.

If you are brave enough, you or someone you know can call up the phone number yourself. You could ask a friend to call from another number or a pay phone. Keep digging for answers until you finally come up with who is behind the calls.

If you find yourself exhausting these options, one of the most effective things is to use a paid If you have a phone number, you simply submit the number and it reveals the name and address of the person behind the phone call.